North Glenmore Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map


North Glenmore is located within a 20 minute drive to UBCO campus, Kelowna Airport, Orchard Park Mall and Downtown Kelowna. North Glenmore has a beautiful Linear Park throughout the neighborhood with a winding creek, playgrounds, tennis courts and walking trails. In the summer it holds Music in the Park a couple of evenings a week. There are two strip malls with Grocery stores, walk in Medical Center, Gas Station, a Pub and a variety of small stores. Schools include North Glenmore Elementary, Watson Road Elementary and Dr Knox Middle School. North Glenmore used to have a lot of apple orchards and farmland and you can still buy local produce at some of the farms in the summer. There is a choice of condos priced from $245,000 to $40,000 and Townhomes priced from $430,000 to $675,000